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Silent Night...

Saddle Back Hill...

Love is a TREASURE... sometime mislabeled or overlooked. But, when seen for what it was/is... a treasure untarnished, and well spent.

Regardless of where your path might have

wandered, if you're fortunate enough to find that Treasure (or recognize the Treasure of it from days past)... SPEND IT! Spend it on other starved, abandoned souls. In doing so, you will find your own house growing bright, warm and rich from the blessings of that investment. -CM Sackett-

Listen here to the "Radiory"tm of how Kevin learned that lesson - and what he did with its liberating GOLD:

NOTE: Oh, and by the way - yes... SADDLE BACK HILL DOES EXIST. I grew up near it, and roamed the oil leases at its base, climbed it and its surrounding kin hundreds of times, in my own lonesome youth...

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