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The Doorway Buck

In the quiet moments of any given day, more than one man has looked back through not-so-misty memories with thankfulness... or unfulfilled longing.  The seed for both rememberings is singular ~ a mentor.  For the one, a man (father, uncle, grandfather, or just an uncommonly grand 'common' man) who didn't just leave steps, but shared the Path ~ and made a difference.  For the other, the desperate hunger for the same.


For young Travis, sitting on the fence between 18... and forever, a cold Ozark mountain morning brought him to that place called 'Home', and to one of the great Treasures known to our kind ~ the genuine, steady, honest friendship of a good man.


And it all begins at The DOORWAY Buck.


So, what’s the book about? Well, you might say it’s about something I’m fairly familiar with, that not every young man has a dad, growing up… that’s just one of the facts of Life. But every boy should at least have someone who stands in the gap, and makes the road to ‘manhood’ a little less confusing, frightful… and long.


Read the excerpts.  Read what other people, from around the world, are saying about the story.  Check out my blog and read some of the short stories I've crafted that echo that same powerful, healing theme... and then ORDER YOUR OWN COPY.


There IS a 'DOORWAY'.  May this book be the start of you finding YOURS.


As Always;

CM Sackett

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