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The Doorway Buck

Loved by thousands of boys... and boys at heart
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After years of teaching, encouraging, confronting and comforting folks within the confines of Sunday morning walls, CM Sackett moved on to the rest of the world in 1999.  For several years, he served as a sought-after consultant in marketing and training for such world-class entities as Cracker Barrel, Motorola, Toyota and BEHR Paints.  During this time CM decided to put his presentation and writing skills to use on a passion he had had for years.

Having grown up "in the system" himself, Sackett knew the look of hunger and confusion that comes from having everything needed to become a man, except a starting point... a DOORWAY.  So, when he wasn't designing and presenting training curricula on Leadership, Team Building, Crisis Management, etc. for his clients, he began crafting stories about the same things for those he cherished most .

Through his short stories, written mostly in the first-person, CM Sackett has utilized his characters to share what he has learned about Life, Leadership, Character, Integrity, Courage... and Love with a world-wide audience. 

The DOORWAY Buck is the riveting saga that began as one of those short stories - but became almost instantly too dear to Sackett's heart (for reasons too deep and personal to list here) and far too popular with his world-wide audience to not flesh out.

Thankfully, more than a few boys (and boys at heart) are very glad he did.

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The Doorway Buck


I began smiling after the first paragraph. I began reflecting on my own life after the first chapter, and I felt better about myself after  I finished the book.


CM Sackett has written a timeless treasure that every father should read with his son


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